Awaken the Immortal Within

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A philosophical journey in to a spiritually empowering awareness of how to induce reality to work for us.  

Living in the same world does not mean we all exist in the same universe. Some people move beyond the rhythm of the mundane as if attuned to a whole separate reality where things always go right. Even when they experience setbacks they are temporary lulls from which they then derive even greater benefit. These people have awakened the immortal within.

This short, deeply poetic, darkly philosophical book was designed to read in one sitting. Explosive with revelations that will shock you into paying attention, the author unveils how our beliefs create barriers separating us from the very things we want.

What we hold to be true are the very reasons why we rarely receive in life our innermost desires, and the author leads us on a tour through reality unlike anything you have ever read, showing us what is wrong and how we fix it. Iconoclastic, masterfully positing the weaknesses of both religionist and scientific positions, the author shows us how to reprogram our lives to Awaken the Immortal Within.

21 ratings
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Awaken the Immortal Within

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